Outdoor Hanging Light Ideas

By | July 13, 2020

Essential Aspects of Outdoor Hanging Light Ideas

Enriching your outdoor living spaces with harmonious lighting sets an exquisite ambiance. Outdoor hanging lights, with their infinite possibilities, offer an array of choices to transform your backyard, patio, or garden into an enchanted oasis. Here's a comprehensive guide to illuminate your outdoor haven with style and functionality.

Selecting the Right Fixture

The fixture's style should complement the aesthetic of your outdoor decor. Consider the size and shape of your space. For smaller areas, a single pendant light or wall-mounted sconce can create a cozy ambiance. For larger spaces, a chandelier or multiple hanging lights will provide adequate illumination.

Determining the Height

The height of your hanging lights should allow for comfortable movement and visibility. Over walkways, a hanging height of 6-8 feet is ideal. For dining areas, lights should be suspended at least 3-5 feet above the table to prevent glare. In general, aim for a height that provides ample light without overwhelming your space.

Choosing the Right Bulb Type

The choice of bulb depends on the desired ambiance and light output. Incandescent bulbs offer a warm, inviting glow, while LEDs boast energy efficiency and a wide range of color temperatures. Consider smart bulbs for remote control and color-changing capabilities.

Spacing and Placement

Ensure even lighting by spacing hanging lights appropriately. Over walkways, place lights 6-8 feet apart. For patios, consider a symmetrical arrangement or a cluster of lights over the seating area. Avoid placing lights directly above furniture to prevent blinding glare.

Weather Resistance

Outdoor hanging lights must withstand the elements. Choose fixtures rated for outdoor use and resistant to moisture and corrosion. Consider glass or metal fixtures with IP ratings indicating their level of protection against dust and water.

Safety Considerations

Electrical safety is paramount. Hire a qualified electrician to install your outdoor hanging lights. Use waterproof connectors and enclose all wiring to prevent electrical hazards. Ensure wires are concealed or secured to avoid tripping.

Unique Design Ideas

Enhance your outdoor space with captivating lighting designs. Opt for whimsical lanterns, string lights draped over trees, or Edison bulbs suspended from reclaimed wood. Mix and match different fixtures and heights to create a layered and visually stunning effect.


Transform your outdoor living spaces into magical havens with well-planned and aesthetically pleasing hanging lights. By considering the fixture's style, height, bulb type, spacing, weather resistance, safety, and unique design ideas, you can illuminate your outdoor oasis with both beauty and functionality.

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